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turning lane

April 17, 2010 Leave a comment

More and more, it seems, cities and towns are bumping up against farmland. A couple years ago, I’m told, this used to be a poorly maintained two-lane county road. But a farmer sold his land to a developer, who built a few dozen suburban-style homes. And now there are street lamps and a turning lane.

Nothing new there, really. Before the poorly-maintained county road, there was a dirt road. And before that, probably a path of some sort. The new is always bumping into the old, and the old is always giving way. Everything turns.

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March 12, 2010 Leave a comment

I have a perverse passion for asphalt. Ecologically, it has to be a complete fucking nightmare. Its primary component is crude petroleum, after all. Chemists can’t even accurately determine the molecular structure of asphalt because of the number of complex chemicals involved.

But it photographs so well.

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woman wearing a sombrero & drinking beer while sitting on the moon with a water tower in the background

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

This just goes to prove that if you look around long enough, you’ll see stuff.

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one of those days

November 25, 2009 1 comment

I shot this on one of those autumnal days when the sun shines and it’s unseasonably warm and you’re tempted to believe maybe winter won’t come this year. And man, I really want to believe that. Every year I want to believe that.

But it’s never true. That’s the danger of belief, isn’t it. There’s always the risk that what you believe in just isn’t true. Of course, that’s also the beauty of belief. Maybe winter really won’t come this year.

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fire proof

October 27, 2009 Leave a comment

This is the rear entrance of what used to be the Northwestern Hotel. What it was northwest of is a bit of a mystery to me. I suppose it’s northwest of a whole lot of stuff. Like, say, West Virginia. But I’m guessing they had something more specific in mind.

Regardless of where it’s located in terms of the compass, the original owners were clearly delighted that the building was fireproof. I can see where that would give the Northwestern a sizable marketing edge over all those hotels that were more likely to burst into flame.

Now it’s just offices. But still, apparently, fireproof.

fire proof2

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October 18, 2009 Leave a comment

I’d climbed to the top of a parking garage to see if there was anything worth seeing. There wasn’t. At least nothing I expected to see. But as I was looking around, I saw a cloud of dust rise from a construction site…and a moment later there was an audible whump that carried even up to the top of the parking garage.

Whatever it was, it was apparently planned. Nobody seemed distressed by it. The dust cloud added a nice touch to the scene.

I wonder if I could get them to do it again.


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October 13, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m getting old and cautious.

Years ago it wouldn’t bother me to go into an alley and climb up some stairs just to shoot a photograph. Now I’m concerned somebody will think I’m a burglar or a pervert and call the police. Or shoot me.

Part of it, of course, has to do with the time we’re living in, when so many people are unreasonably angry and irrationally afraid. But part of it is also that I no longer think a photo is worth the fuss and bother that shooting it might get me into.



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