after the bombs dropped

Walk. Don’t walk. Stop. Go.

These are signals. Signals. We’re being given signals. Some people don’t recognize that. They ignore the signals. Others watch me to see if I obey.

I watch them too.

we are given signals

I didn’t observe the signals until after the bombs dropped. I see them now, even at a distance.

People pretend there were no bombs because the damage isn’t visible. Some damage can’t be seen.

after the bombs dropped

The morning after the bombs dropped my wife woke me and said I’d be late for the bus. The bombs were more than she could take. They’d driven her crazy.

I had to leave her.

late for the bus

People act like the signals are silent, but I hear them buzzing. Sometimes I hear buzzing when no signals are visible.

Maybe there are signals I can’t see. Maybe that’s why others are watching me.

i hear buzzing

Whoever dropped the bombs sends the signals. Walk, go, stop, don’t walk. The signals don’t mean ‘walk’ or ‘go.’ They mean ‘do this’ or ‘do that.’

You have to listen. You don’t have to obey.

you have to listen

Go. Walk.

If I disobey everything goes silent. People walk, but I don’t hear footsteps. No talking, no laughing, no horns, no traffic, no buzzing.

Sometimes I disobey just to stop the noise.

i don't hear footsteps

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